West Hartlepool, DUR



Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEAVERS, George William  1882West Hartlepool, DUR I896
2 BEAVERS, John Robert  1885West Hartlepool, DUR I895
3 BIRCHAM, Amy  1888West Hartlepool, DUR I900
4 BIRCHAM, Edith  1892West Hartlepool, DUR I902
5 BIRCHAM, Elizabeth Ann  1888West Hartlepool, DUR I908
6 BIRCHAM, George  1895West Hartlepool, DUR I903
7 BIRCHAM, Henry  1890West Hartlepool, DUR I901
8 BIRCHAM, John Charles  1886West Hartlepool, DUR I899
9 BIRCHAM, John W?  1882West Hartlepool, DUR I898
10 BIRCHAM, Joseph  1898West Hartlepool, DUR I904
11 BIRCHAM, Martha? E  Abt 1884West Hartlepool, DUR I905
12 HEWITT, Horace  1896West Hartlepool, DUR I689
13 OFFORD, Frederick  Abt 1878West Hartlepool, DUR I1397
14 RUSHBROOK, Ada  1899West Hartlepool, DUR I1321
15 RUSHBROOK, Edith  1899West Hartlepool, DUR I453
16 RUSHBROOK, George William  1901West Hartlepool, DUR I1322
17 RUSHBROOK, Mary Alice  1903West Hartlepool, DUR I1569
18 RUSHBROOK, Nelllie  1901West Hartlepool, DUR I1319
19 RUSHBROOK, Olive  1906West Hartlepool, DUR I1568
20 TEMPERLEY, Emma Gertrude  1879West Hartlepool, DUR I1326
21 TEMPERLEY, Kate Matilda  1874West Hartlepool, DUR I1324
22 TEMPERLEY, William  1876West Hartlepool, DUR I1325
23 THOMPSON, Albert Edward  Abt 1906West Hartlepool, DUR I1426
24 THOMPSON, Francis Leslie R  1898West Hartlepool, DUR I892
25 THOMPSON, George Wilfrid  1903West Hartlepool, DUR I1425
26 THOMPSON, John Willliam?  Abt 1892West Hartlepool, DUR I433
27 THOMPSON, William Hall  1901West Hartlepool, DUR I893