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51 (over railway line) ROBINSON, Mary Ann (I651)
52 (over railway line) ROBINSON, Robert (I659)
53 (over railway line) ROBINSON, Mary Jane (I661)
54 (private baptism) - were they baptised at home?? TAKEN, Alfred William (I588)
55 (private baptism) - were they baptised at home?? TAKEN, Morris James (I589)
56 (see note) MARTIN?, Lilian Mary (I401)
57 (see NOTES) FOWLER, Thomas Rice (I88)
58 (see notes) FOWLER, Edward (I120)
59 (see notes) FOWLER, Joseph (I131)
60 (see notes) MANTON, Mary (I135)
61 (see notes) BRUDENELL, William (I181)
62 (see NOTES) BRUDENELL, Job (I224)
63 (see notes) ARCHIBALD, Billy (I243)
64 (see notes) BRUDENELL, Joseph (I146)
65 (see NOTES) BRUDENELL, Joseph (I146)
66 (See notes) TAKEN, Matthew (I308)
67 (see notes) ARMSTRONG, Rae (I257)
68 (see NOTES) SPENCER, Sarah (I30)
69 (See notes) q2 TAKEN, Matthew G? (I313)
70 (sic 1911) MANTON, Harry (I1567)
71 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. TAKEN, ?. (I1393)
72 (west side) WYLES, Joseph (I959)
73 (west side) WYLES, Laura Agnes Jane (I960)
74 (with Geo BATTERBY?, also of Colkirk) WALLS, Henry (I1273)
75 (with parents) HEWITT, George William (I686)
76 1841 - also in household was a Thomas MITCHELL, 50, worsted weaver - as this a brother of this John??

1851 - Jumples Court seems likely. Also in household were sons Jonathan (b c1819) widower with son Alfred (b c1840) & John (b c1826) with wife Elizabeth & son John (b c1850) DIFFICULT TO FIND WITH USUAL SEARCH - try searching on Alfred.

Marriage of Jonathan gives father's occ as Labourer, everything else OK. 
MITCHELL, John (I76)
77 1844:
Baptised on same day as daughter Ann was an Emily Alice, dau of William JACKSON, Hemmington? labourer & Mary BRUDENELL, Warmington, servant. Was Mary the sister of Daniel?

1871, also in household were:

Son Joseph A and 3 grandchildren:
John J? 9 b Warmington
Eliza Alice 9? b Warmington 1862 Q2 Oundle FreeBMD Elizabeth 6 b Warmington

There is a burial listed at Warmington of a Daniel BRUDENELL on 28 May 1855, aged 31. However, (if correct this would mean the dob would have been 1823/4. Therefore unsure if the death of Daniel is THIS Daniel 
BRUDENELL, Daniel (I164)
78 1851 - William & Hannah living with father MITCHELL, William (I94)
79 1851 census gives 'John William MILNES'. Was John illegitimate? No birth found on FreeBMD under either MILNES or WHITELEY

1891: POSSIBLY - a John WHITELEY is shown married to Sarah // with 2 step children and 1 son - Abraham WHITELEY, age 21, Coal miner, b Easing 
WHITELEY, John William Milnes (I510)
80 1851: NOT living with Abel's parents

1861: also in household was Mary Jane WILMERSON, niece, 4, b South Lynn

1871: also in household were Mary Ann's brother Robert + his family

1881: also in household were sis in law Ann ROBINSON, Mary Jane ROBINSON, niece & A LODGER. Taken that Ann was mother of William. 
WILMERSON, Abel (I650)
81 1851: NOT living with Abel's parents

1861: also in household was Mary Jane WILMERSON, niece, 4, b South Lynn
ROBINSON, Mary Ann (I651)
82 1851;

Only 1851 birth on FreeBMD is for a John Robert STAFFORD (Q1). Robert is not mentioned on any other reference.

1871 - no trace
1872 - Q3 married Margaret Ann COLLING
1881 - with wife Margaret A & son John W (b c1873), Innkeeper, Mariner's Tavern, Sunderland.
1891 - with wife Margaret & son John W, shipwright, 3 Clemantina St, Bishopwearmouth
1901 - with wife Mary A, Shipwright, 64 Hendon? St, Bishopwearmouth

PROBABLY son John William STAFFORD = Edith NANSON Q3 1899 
STAFFORD, John (I1158)
83 1861 & 1871: Living with daughter Martha and her family -?-, Martha (I724)
84 1861: Also in household were Charles & Eliza KEMP (cousins?), & Susan's brothers? & sisters? - Eliza REEVE 23, Jonathan REEVE 19, Robert REEVE 19 & Mary REEVE 14 - all born Dibden SFK. TURNER, James (I866)
85 1861: Also in household were Charles & Eliza KEMP (cousins?), & Susan's brothers? & sisters? - Eliza REEVE 23, Jonathan REEVE 19, Robert REEVE 19 & Mary REEVE 14 - all born Dibden SFK. REEVE, Susan (I867)
86 1861: Living with her parents WILMERSON, Mary Ann (I645)
87 1861: Matthew was lodging with Hannah DICK (b c1812), widow and her son & dau William (15) and Eleanor (18), both children born in Blyth, Northumberland). Other lodgers were Patrick Mc... and Bar.... both blacksmiths, born in Ireland

No trace of Matthew and family in Bishopwearmouth in 1871, although eldest children were born in Sunderland around this time.

Matthew gave as his father's name: Henry on his first marriage cert (1863) and James on second marriage cert, (both Masons) but I.O.W. register gives Patrick. Was Matthew ashamed of his father being an Irish tinker?

I put a message on the Mariner's Rootsweb mailing list, asking if there would have been regular sailings between IOW and the North East - to give an explaination why Matthew (a merchant seaman) would have ended up in the north east. The consensus of opinion was that he probably worked on the collier boats, plying between South Shields (the main coal port) and other areas of the UK. Coal being taken from South Shields and grain / other items being shipped in.

1901 - Matthew was shown as a boarder at 24 Addison Street with a Georgiana Baty, although his second wife, Mary didn't die until 1916.

1903 - Ralph H TAKEN was living at the same address
TAKEN, Matthew (I308)
88 1871 - Living with James & Mary PALMER in Fordington, Dorchester. Is listed as 'friend'

Living a few doors away from his parents

Carisbrook entry needs verifying - should this be 1861? 
TAKEN, Benjamin James (I577)
89 1871:

On the 1861 there were 2 Ralph STAFFORDs, both b about same time.
On 1871 there is a Ralph STAFFORD (shipwright) = Mary Jane, + dau Mary H STAFFORD. Unable to tell which Ralph this is.

There are 2 Mary Hannah STAFFORDs b c the right time. The other Ralph's mother was NOT Hannah.
STAFFORD, Ralph (I1157)
90 1871:
Lodgers were: John PETRIE, daughters Mary & ..illa + James & John DEW (both b Baconsthorpe)

Also in household were: dau Mary & husband James DEW +John DEW & John WEBB, lodgers + Isabella PETRIE, 12, adopted. All b in NFK except Isabella.
POSTLE?, Mary (I910)
91 1871: also in household were Samuel's mother Hannah & niece Sarah, 22

1881: Lodgers are the TAYLOR family

1901: Jane TAYLOR shown as housekeeper
WILMERSON, Samuel (I647)
92 1871: also in household were Samuel's mother Hannah & niece Sarah, 22 PULEY, Hannah (I641)
93 1871: living as a servant with Charles & Mary ELMITT + family. Also in household was an Emma HEWITT HEWITT, Thompson (I622)
94 1871: Living with grandparents - unable to identify parents WILMERSON, William Thomas (I729)
95 1871: Louisa's mother also in household WILMERSON, Fuller (I646)
96 1871: LIving at 37 South Durham Street were:
Household 1:
Elizabeth .... (Mariner's wife)
Hannah TAKEN & her children

Household 2:
Ralph & Hannah STAFFORD & 1 servant
STAFFORD, Elizabeth (I1153)
97 1871: servant in houshold of Joseph NAYLOR, Farmer HEWITT, Elizabeth Ann (I624)
98 1873 death in HX, aged 56
1875 death in HX aged 62 
MITCHELL, David (I72)
99 1881 census gives a James MOORE boarder living with family. He was aged 17, b Leeds, cotton operative

1905 - Grave contained Hartley WHITELEY, wife Mary Ann & dau Sarah Jane & her husband 
WHITELEY, Hartley (I57)
100 1881:

POSSIBLY this family:

Boothfold, Newchurch, LAN (same area as the other Robert moved to)

Henry WALLS 54 Man servant b Norfolk
Maria WALLS 50 Housekeeper b Norfolk
Robert WALLS 21 Cotton mule spinner b Norfolk
Harry WALLS 19 Cotton Blower b Norfolk 
WILMERSON, Maria (I706)

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